Press Coverage

Scientific-Atlanta Striking Set-Top Deals
December 2, 1998
CNET News.com

One to Watch? Video On-Demand Intertainer Inc.
October 7, 1998
Bloomberg News

September, 1998

Business 2.0
August, 1998

Peacock Online Again
Tuesday August 4, 1998

Interactive TV: It's Baaack!!!
July 20, 1998

Intertainer to Launch Video-On-Demand
June, 1998
DAIWA, U.S. Telecommunications

New Companies
June, 1998
Red Herring

Money on Demand
April 6, 1998

Chips, the Sequel
April 27, 1998
Los Angeles Times

Channel Surfers
April 27, 1998
Time Digital

Comcast, Intel Back Launch of Interactive Broadband Pioneer
February 27, 1998
New Media Stategist

Video on Demand: Is It Ready for Prime-Time Use In Living Rooms?
February 25, 1998

US West to Make Video Deal
Friday February 20, 1998
Ultimate Tv

US West Nears Deal for Internet Movies
February 19, 1998
USA Today

Will Net, Entertainment Ever Mix?
February 13, 1998

Hollywood Pros Seek to Put Music, Movies and More on PC
February 9, 1998
The New York Times

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