Intertainer to License IntoMedia Platform Adding Software on Demand to its Comprehensive Range of Content

Cambridge, Mass. - Dec. 11, 2000 - Into Networks, the standard in streaming software, today announced that Intertainer will license the IntoMedia streaming software solution to add interactive software such as games, educational titles and home office programs to the entertainment-on-demand broadband network. With this agreement, Intertainer becomes the first company to combine Video-On-Demand (VOD) with Software-On-Demand (SOD) under one brand in a comprehensive offering to DSL and cable modem broadband subscribers.

According to the terms of the agreement, Intertainer will handle all consumer marketing, including the branding, promotion and programming of the SOD feature. Intertainer will work with content publishers to secure the rights to CD-ROM and other rich media software, presenting these titles alongside Intertainer's vast library of content, which includes the licensing rights to more than 60,000 hours of entertainment programming from over 60 top media companies, including Dreamworks SKG, Sony Music, Warner Bros. and Columbia TriStar Television.

Intertainer Selects Into Networks to Power Software-On-Demand 2-2-2-2

Into Networks will, in turn, provide the technology and integration services required to power the Intertainer-branded SOD feature. Into Networks' suite of solutions provides a set of APIs to enable Intertainer to tie its existing infrastructure, including the interface, e-commerce, registration and billing systems into the IntoMedia platform and content delivery network. Intertainer's users will be able to seamlessly move from the SOD channel to Intertainer's existing array of content, ensuring a high-quality entertainment experience.

"Intertainer has always been at the forefront of delivering the very latest in streaming media to its users," said Vincent Grosso, CEO of Into Networks. "They bring tremendous expertise in aggregating, packaging and marketing content to broadband subscribers and we are excited to have their endorsement of our technology and our vision."

The agreement marks the latest in a series of deals for Into Networks, in which the IntoMedia platform has powered branded streaming software web-sites for Cox, Time-Warner, AT&T Road Runner, Excite@Home and Qwest.

"Broadband is revolutionizing the world of digital content, and SOD represents the next major category beyond music and movies," said Jonathan Taplin, President & CEO of Intertainer. "We looked at a number of streaming software providers and found Into Networks to have the leading technology, a proven track record of deployments and a full-service organization dedicated to making our service successful. Into Networks' solution delivers a compelling value proposition: a hot, interactive offering for our users, and a new revenue stream for Intertainer."

Intertainer Selects Into Networks to Power Software-On-Demand 3-3-3-3

Into Networks creates its compelling online user experience via its patent-pending technology algorithms working over a highly distributed network of IntoMedia content servers located at the edge of the broadband network. This new streaming delivery model allows users to surf through CD-ROM and other rich media software, without having to download or install the titles. Streaming software also provides content publishers with a new way to generate revenue from existing titles and to reach a new universe of potential customers.

About Into Networks, Inc.

Into Networks develops and markets the leading engine for powering streaming software applications in real-time across multiple networks and bandwidths. The company's IntoMedia platform enables the delivery of a new category of online content, providing access to the best software titles for demonstration, rental or subscription without the hassle of full downloads or installations. Into Networks' high-quality, scalable and market-proven solution is licensed to Internet service providers, ASPs, software publishers and Web sites. To date, the IntoMedia platform has been deployed in more than 203 markets in the United States and Europe, reaching over 2.6 million broadband subscribers and passing more than 53 million homes. Into Networks' engine currently enables over 700 streaming software titles from more than 30 leading software publishers. Current customers include Disney Interactive, Interplay Entertainment, Lotus, Road Runner, Excite@Home, AT&T, Time-Warner, NorthPoint Communications, Qwest and FastWeb.

Intertainer Selects Into Networks to Power Software-On-Demand 4-4-4-4

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