Deal Deepens Intertainer's Music Category While Helping EMI Promote Artists

Los Angeles, January 16, 2000 - Intertainer, the entertainment on demand broadband network, has finalized a long-term agreement with music label EMI Recorded Music. This deal allows Intertainer to offer its users music videos from EMI's music video library, bolstering the Intertainer music category with the depth and breadth of one of the industry's foremost recording entities. EMI's labels include Capitol Records, Priority Records, Virgin Records America and Blue Note Records, among others. The videos will be available to all Intertainer platforms. Intertainer will also work with EMI to market and promote new and established artists.

Music videos are available free of charge on all three Intertainer platforms, which comprise:, a high-speed (750 kbps) broadband entertainment on demand service available through affiliate DSL and cable modem providers;, a lower bit-rate (384 kbps) broadband Web site; and Intertainer's digital cable entertainment on demand service. Content on the and Intertainer digital cable services includes first-run pay-per-view movies from top Hollywood studios, popular television programming, music videos, concerts and more. Content on the free broadband Web site includes the American Film Institute's library of short films, music videos, original specials, movie trailers and more.

While viewing a music video, an Intertainer user can review a track list from the artist's current release, purchase the current or past releases and find out more information about the artist.

"This partnership with EMI reinforces our commitment to giving Intertainer users the highest quality programming across all categories," said Jonathan Taplin, Intertainer President & CEO. "This deal is also significant because it reaffirms the music industry's faith in video on demand as a valuable sales and promotional medium."

"Intertainer's service is a quantum leap in providing consumers with quality entertainment on demand," said Jay Samit, Senior Vice President of New Media, EMI Recorded Music. "Having our vast library of music videos on the Intertainer network brings our artists and their fans closer together in a way never before possible."

About Intertainer

Intertainer ( delivers the largest selection of movies, music videos, television and shopping on-demand to your PC or TV. The service features content from unprecedented partner relationships including Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., Disney, DreamWorks SKG, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony, Miramax, New Line Cinema, NBC, Discovery, HGTV, ESPN, Pearson Television, Warner Music, EMI Recorded Music, Sony Music and many others. Enhanced TV functionality, interactive advertising, e-commerce opportunities and personalization features round out the Intertainer experience. Strategic partners include Comcast, Intel, Microsoft, NBC, Sony and Qwest.

About EMI

EMI Recorded Music, the third largest music company in the world, is an international music company with presence in nearly 70 countries. EMI Recorded Music includes important local and international artists, including some of the biggest names in the recorded music industry. EMI has artists in every leading music genre, including pop, rock, jazz, classical, Latin, Christian, country, rap/urban and dance. The world famous labels include Capitol, Angel, Blue Note, EMI, Priority and Virgin. Its current roster includes approximately 1,500 artists and it releases over 1,000 albums each year. For more information on EMI please visit