Demo of the System Available During the Western Show at Intertainer Booth #1377, Pace Booth #4100, nCUBE Booth #1801 and Cisco Booth #3841

CULVER CITY, Calif., Nov. 28, 2000 - Intertainer, the entertainment on demand broadband network, today announced that it has teamed with Pace Micro Technology, nCUBE and Cisco Systems, Inc., to create the first IP-based, end-to-end video-on-demand solution that will allow cable operators to stream real-time video over existing cable networks to digital set-top boxes. The companies have developed a working demonstration of this solution for the Western Show in Los Angeles, November 29-December 1, available at Intertainer booth #1377, Pace booth #4100, nCUBE booth #1801 and Cisco booth #3841.

This streaming video IP platform provides operators with new revenue opportunities through delivery of digital set-top box services such as premium subscriptions, targeted advertising, archived pay-per-view events, niche content subscriptions, and more. The system is comprised of the Intertainer user interface and content, the Cisco cable modem termination system uBR 7246 Universal Broadband Router and uBR 924 cable access router, the Pace DSL 4000 set-top box and the nCUBE n4 streaming media appliance. All of the components are commercially available and deployable today.

"This platform is really a breakthrough which can serve as a model for VOD in the cable industry," said Jonathan Taplin, Intertainer president & CEO. "Cable operators will realize tremendous cost savings using this platform because it is an open, standards-based solution that allows operators to work with any server or set-top box vendor, thus creating competition and driving costs down. In addition, an IP platform allows operators to run a unified infrastructure for voice, video and data services, instead of building and operating separate services, thus increasing efficiencies and reducing costs."

"Because cable networks have high bandwidth, operators can bundle services and deliver better quality streaming content than DSL, DBS, and other ISPs, thus providing cable operators a competitive advantage," said Pace Americas President Neil Gaydon. "Streaming media over IP provides cost-effective, on-demand programming and is also the preferred way to enable video to multiple devices in the home, including set-top boxes, hand-held devices, and game consoles."

About Intertainer

Intertainer ( delivers the largest selection of movies, music videos, television and shopping on-demand to your PC or TV. The service features content from unprecedented partner relationships including Columbia TriStar Television, Disney Channel, Dreamworks SKG, ESPN, Sony Music, Twentieth Century Fox, and Warner Bros., among many others. Enhanced TV functionality, interactive advertising, e-commerce opportunities and personalization features round out the Intertainer experience. Strategic partners include Comcast, Intel, Microsoft, NBC, Sony and Qwest.