Intertainer and Akamai to collaborate on new innovations in the delivery of large streaming media files

Culver City, Calif. and Cambridge, Mass. - August 14, 2000 - Intertainer, Inc., the entertainment-on-demand broadband network, and Akamai Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: AKAM) the foremost provider of global, high performance services for the delivery of Internet content, streaming media, and applications, today announced that the Intertainer entertainment-on-demand service will use Akamai's globally distributed FreeFlowSM Streaming network to deliver long-form, streaming programming to consumers' homes. The deal marks a first-of-its-kind relationship whereby a commercially available on-demand streaming service is being delivered through a distributed presence within last-mile providers' local networks.

According to the agreement, Akamai's FreeFlow Streaming service will enable the high-quality streaming of Intertainer's vast library of content, which includes the licensing rights to more than 50,000 hours of entertainment programming from over 60 top media companies, including Dreamworks SKG, Sony Music, Warner Bros. and Columbia TriStar Television. This alliance will enable Intertainer and Akamai to collaborate to further enhance and innovate the delivery of large streaming media files.

"Because Intertainer is a deployed service that is in use today, we want to ensure that our users are benefiting from the very latest developments in streaming media technology, and clearly Akamai is the leader in that space," said Jonathan Taplin, Intertainer's president and chief executive officer. "For this reason, we're leaving the management of our server network to the experts, which frees up our time to do what we do best - aggregate the largest selection of entertainment programming and package it with targeted advertising and compelling e-commerce opportunities to make Intertainer the richest entertainment on demand service available."

"We at Warner Bros. have had a long-standing, solid relationship with Intertainer and believe in their product because their technology showcases our films in the rich, full-screen, full-motion format we demand," said Jeffrey Calman, senior vice president, video-on-demand and pay-per-view for Warner Bros.

Taplin further notes, "Intertainer has spent the last several years developing a complementary set of software systems which are the underlying infrastructure for digital asset management and video on demand built on Windows Media Technologies. These systems, combined with the Akamai global network and streaming media technology, create a very powerful combination of skills and experience for delivering on demand media services over broadband networks of all kinds."

Both Akamai and Intertainer have formed strong relationships with many broadband networks nationwide. Akamai currently has servers in 50 countries directly connected to 225 different telecommunications networks. The presence of servers inside local networks gives Akamai and Intertainer the technical means to deliver the highest quality full-screen, full-length entertainment on demand to consumers' PCs or TVs while leveraging the high performance benefits of the Akamai FreeFlow Streaming service.

"Pairing the Intertainer entertainment library and growing subscriber base with Akamai's innovative streaming media technology will result in the best possible viewing experience for broadband customers," said Earl Galleher, executive vice president, Akamai. "Intertainer's position as the deployed, pre-eminent provider of entertainment on demand content coupled with Akamai's superior streaming technology and global, fault tolerant network makes this alliance very attractive for content providers and end users alike."

Earlier this year, Microsoft Corp. formed a strategic alliance with Intertainer to help accelerate wide-scale deployments of Intertainer's best-of-breed content-aggregation service using the Windows Media Video Format and Digital Rights Management technology, providing consumers with a broad variety of on-demand entertainment. Microsoft also entered into a relationship with Akamai in September 1999 to incorporate Microsoft Windows Media Technologies into the Akamai FreeFlowSM Streaming service, extending the benefits of high quality audio and video quality, reliability and scalability to Akamai customers selecting the Windows Media format for streaming media content.

"The work of Intertainer and Akamai is among the best examples of how the video quality and integrated digital rights management of Windows Media can enable cutting-edge, on-demand entertainment services," said Will Poole, vice president, Digital Media Division, Microsoft Corp. "This relationship brings together top quality content and technology to propel in-home entertainment to a whole new level."

One example of an Intertainer deployment is Cincinnati's broadband platform available from Broadwing. ZoomTown subscriber Tom Barker notes, "With all the hype about new technologies TV viewers will soon have at their disposal, all I wanted was something simple that I could use today. Intertainer has proven to be the perfect solution because it allows me to program my own channel from a huge library of choices, while other devices still restrict you to watching only what's currently available on TV. And I don't have to buy an expensive new box to clutter up my living room."

"There is no doubt that video-on-demand is the 'killer app' that will allow broadband providers to differentiate themselves and add value for their customers," said Mike O'Brien, president of Broadwing's "There are a number of companies out there currently developing VOD technology, but Intertainer has a mature product that allows us to give our customers a VOD solution that works today, which puts at a real advantage over other services."

Intertainer has also been deployed on the Qwest platform in Denver and is working with the company on further deployments. In addition, the company is also working with Verizon on rolling out the Intertainer service in several markets.

About Akamai

Akamai is the foremost provider of global, high performance services for the delivery of Internet content, streaming media and applications, serving over 2,100 customers. Akamai has the broadest deployment of servers for content, streaming media, and applications delivery with more than 4,200 servers in 50 countries directly connected to 225 different telecommunications networks. Akamai (pronounced AH kuh my) is Hawaiian for intelligent, clever and cool.

About Intertainer

Intertainer ( delivers the largest selection of movies, music videos, television and shopping on-demand to your PC or TV. The service features content from unprecedented partner relationships including Columbia TriStar Television, Disney Channel, Dreamworks SKG, ESPN, Sony Music, Twentieth Century Fox, and Warner Bros., among many others. Enhanced TV functionality, interactive advertising, e-commerce opportunities and personalization features round out the Intertainer experience. Strategic partners include Comcast, Intel, Microsoft, NBC, Sony and US West.

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