Intel, Comcast Invest in Intertainer

NEW YORK and SANTA MONICA, Calif. (Feb. 11, 1998) - Intertainer, Inc. today unveiled the world's first interactive broadband service for on-demand delivery of high quality, full-motion, video-based entertainment programming and consumer-based shopping to the television or personal computer. Intertainer also announced that both Intel Corporation and Comcast Corporation have invested in the company. The "Intertainer" service is currently in beta testing in two locations.

Created by a team of experienced entertainment and technology professionals, Intertainer offers consumers the unique ability to choose music, movies, television, fashion, books and video games, delivered on-demand in full-motion, full-screen video to a computer or television. Intertainer subscribers need only a multimedia-capable PC and access to one of the emerging broadband platforms, including cable modems and Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines (ADSL). Intelligent agenting software will act as a "personal assistant" for Intertainer users by learning a user's preferences and recommending selections. For the first time, users can build their own world of entertainment.

"We're meeting the convergence of the television, computer and entertainment markets with a new content distribution approach," said Richard Baskin, co-chairman of Intertainer and an award-winning producer, composer and executive in Hollywood for more than 20 years. "With our company's unusual blend of entertainment and technical expertise, we believe Intertainer is uniquely positioned to bring this Java-based entertainment service to the commercial market."

Intertainer has assembled its technical team from technology leaders such as Sybase, Informix, Pacific Telesis Labs and Apple Computer. On the entertainment side, the company principals have significant relationships with all of the major suppliers of film and music product. They also have extensive experience in creating and producing entertainment content for the world's major film, television, music and interactive companies.

Intel and Comcast each has made an investment in the company, and each has committed to various aspects of the product's technological development and commercialization. Intel will help Intertainer deliver its technology to set-top computers, optimize its service for Intel Architecture-based servers and help incorporate high-quality videoconferencing. Comcast is working with Intertainer on broadband PC and set-top box applications and may provide programming from its E! Entertainment Television network for the trial.

"The mission of the company is to embody the convergence of the television, and the personal computer...of Hollywood and Silicon Valley," said Jonathan Taplin, co-chairman, Intertainer and a 20-year veteran producer and executive in all aspects of the entertainment business. "Through the strength of our relationships in the entertainment industry and our cutting-edge technology, we can deliver rich and varied content in a visually compelling and easy-to-use manner," he said.

"Large-screen multimedia PC systems and Internet services via the television have introduced consumers to the most basic interactive entertainment experience," said Taplin. "Without the performance constraints of the Internet, we believe Intertainer can transform the experience into a truly satisfying one. By plugging into any of the emerging broadband platforms, our entertainment application enables full-motion video and enhanced interactivity regardless of whether consumers use a TV or computer. We're excited. We think this is a "killer app," he said.

In November 1997, Intertainer commenced beta testing of the service employing Pacific Bell's Fast Trak ADSL system. The trial is operating in three Central Offices in northern California. A second test, beginning in February 1998, is taking place in Buena Park, California in conjunction with Comcast's cable modem system. Intertainer plans to distribute the service to the cable modem and ADSL markets by the third quarter of 1998.

"Intertainer capitalizes on the multi-billion dollar investment that cable and telephone companies are making to create a broadband infrastructure," said Baskin. "Our platform-neutral approach affirms that there is room for more than one delivery system in what we believe is a large market."

"Intertainer is representative of a new class of entertainment content coming to the personal computer via broadband services," said Ron Whittier, senior vice president and general manager, Content Group, Intel Corp. "We are excited about the new forms of entertainment that PC owners will enjoy, such as movies, television and music."

About Intertainer
Intertainer, Inc., the leading provider of home entertainment services on demand, is defining the convergence of entertainment and technology. Intertainer's interactive entertainment and e-commerce provide customers with a personal gateway to thousands of hours of diverse movies, music, TV, shopping and information programming direct to the PC or TV.