Companies Join Intel, Comcast and Sterling Ventures in Intertainer Inc.'s Growing consortium of Investors

NEW YORK and SANTA MONICA, Calif. (April 6, 1998) - Intertainer, Inc. announced today that U S West Communications and Sony Corporation of America (SCA) have invested in the company, which provides "Intertainer," a broadband entertainment-on-demand programming service. The two companies join Intel, Comcast and Sterling Ventures - which are each contributing a second round of financing - in committing capital and technological resources to Intertainer. As part of the agreement, U S WEST !NTERPRISE Networking, the data integration arm of U S WEST Communications, will supply "Intertainer" to its customers via Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line-enabled (ADSL) wire centers in 40 cities.

"U S West's and Sony Corporation of America's investments are an important validation of Intertainer's concepts, technology and market leadership in aggregating and delivering high-quality video entertainment-on-demand," said Jonathan Taplin, co-chairman of Intertainer and 20-year veteran Hollywood producer and entertainment executive.

"Intertainer" is the world's first interactive broadband service for on-demand delivery of entertainment programming to the personal computer or the television. The content is a cross-section of American pop culture and includes thousands of hours of high quality video entertainment in over 20 categories, including music, film, television and shopping. "Intertainer's" intelligent agent enables users to quickly find the programming they want, when they want it. "Intertainer" will include a video-based e.commerce service designed to meet the growing demand for interactive shopping. The service can be accessed via broadband platforms such as cable modems or through ADSL.

Internet users with multimedia-capable PCs can access "Intertainer" through MegaBit Services, U S WEST's new high-speed, ADSL-based Internet-access service. U S WEST was the first company in the nation to offer a widely available ADSL service when it launched MegaBit in Phoenix this fall. It recently announced it would offer the service in more than 40 cities in its 14-state region.

"U S West is a powerful force in the telecommunications industry, and we are pleased that its management team has chosen to invest in Intertainer. By committing its substantial resources to delivering our service to homes this spring, U S WEST is helping translate our shared vision into a reality," stated Taplin.

"We're pleased to invest in Intertainer and its visually compelling, innovative programming service. Partnering with top content providers is part of U S WEST's commitment to offer our end-users the latest in high-speed Internet and data services," said Joe Zell, president of U S WEST !NTERPRISE Networking.

"Sony Corporation of America is an invaluable investor," said Intertainer co-founder Richard Baskin, an award-winning producer, composer and executive in Hollywood for more than two decades. "No other company better combines high quality content with world-class electronics than Sony. We look forward to working with them as we bring "Intertainer" to market," added Baskin.

"Intertainer is an example of the promising new kinds of entertainment services now possible through digital distribution," said Elizabeth Coppinger, Vice President, New Business Development at SCA. "We are pleased to be involved with the company as it develops exciting new entertainment options."

Sony Corporation of America is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo. Sony Corporation is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications and information technology products, and is one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies.

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Intertainer, Inc., the leading provider of home entertainment services on demand, is defining the convergence of entertainment and technology. Intertainer's interactive entertainment and e-commerce provide customers with a personal gateway to thousands of hours of diverse movies, music, TV, shopping and information programming direct to the PC or TV.