Internet Television Expands Distribution and Viewership Reach

New York, NY (December 21, 1998) -- In a flurry of business agreements, Pseudo Programs, Inc. (, the world's largest Internet television network, recently increased its delivery options to include satellite, broadband cable and telephone distribution. New York City-based produces 60 hours of live original content per week, much of which will be transmitted via Intertainer and WavePhore's WaveTop services as a result of the new agreements. The expanded distribution marks an important step in "convergence" as Internet TV will be carried on alternate distribution pipelines challenging traditional broadcast methods.

Following are details about each of the agreements:

Intertainer, the leading provider of home entertainment services on demand, will deliver Pseudo's Internet TV content to consumers via high speed cable modems, digital set-top boxes, or Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) telephone connections directly to the PC or TV. Intertainer will carry all of Pseudo's popular computer gaming shows that appear on the All Games Network, (AGN) located at AGN is Pseudo's leading channel and Netcasts more than 10 hours of original Net-Television each week with gaming news, interviews, reviews, hardware advice, competition, events and more. AGN programs include: "GameTime!," "All Games Hardware," "240 Seconds of Gaming," "Shooters," "Inside the PGL," "Combat Reporter" and "Fantasy Football."

WaveTop's PC data broadcast service works by embedding data streams into the unseen portion of existing broadcast television signals using the Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI). WaveTop has partnered with PBS National Datacast to broadcast data over the television signals of its 264 PBS member stations. Using a simple browser interface and a broadcast ready PC (a standard PC with a built-in TV tuner or equipped with an add-on TV tuner card), users will interact with automatically downloaded information, entertainment and software. Computers equipped with TV tuners and WaveTop software transparently receive, decode and cache content without the bottleneck of the Internet or tying up a phone line. WaveTop is compatible with Microsoft Windows 95 and is part of the Microsoft Windows 98 operating system.

Selected shows from Pseudo's All Games Network will be featured on WaveTop including "GameTime!," "240 Seconds of Gaming" and "Fantasy Football."

Pseudo already has Internet distribution agreements with hundreds of leading web sites including, Excite, Lycos, CNET, Bloomberg, CMP, Loud Records, UBL: Ultimate Band List, BMG Entertainment, and others.

"We are excited to work with Intertainer and WaveTop, two of the most innovative companies in the industry. With the addition of broadband and satellite distribution to our existing worldwide Internet access, Pseudo is arguably the leading content provider for the convergence revolution," said Michael Teich director of business development at Pseudo. "We are uniquely positioned to offer viewers an unparalleled interactive entertainment experience."

About Pseudo Programs
Pseudo Programs, Inc. ( is the world's largest Internet TV network, netcasting more than 60 hours of original programming each week. Founded in 1994 by Josh Harris (founder of Jupiter Communications), Pseudo has become the Internet TV industry leader. Pseudo reaches more than two million viewers monthly with 45 original shows on ten channels. Archived shows are available on-demand 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Pseudo's channels include: 88HIPHOP.COM (Hip-Hop music and culture); All Games Network (computer and video gaming); Biztech TV (business and technology); Channel (theatre and the performing arts); Cyber-Fi (science fiction and the paranormal); Koolout (classic soul and rare vinyl); Minxmag (women's issues); PseudoSports (alternative and extreme sports); Static (music, B-movies and more); and Streetsound (electronic music and DJ Culture).

Pseudo-style netcasting is the future of broadcasting.

About WavePhore
WavePhore, Inc. (NASDAQ: WAVO) is the leading new media content integrator and architect of digital delivery systems. It partners with the foremost providers of news, business data, Web-based content and multimedia programming to deliver selective intelligence and quality content to an information-dependent society. WavePhore ( enables people and enterprises to more efficiently receive, manage and productively use all types of urgent, insightful, or relevant information. The company's technologies and services aggregate, filter, customize and distribute digital content (text, graphics, music, and video) using a wide range of reliable, low-cost broadcast (FM sideband, TV-VBI), satellite and Web-based delivery systems. It has technology sourcing and strategic alliances with Microsoft, Intel, Compaq, Sony, Gateway, STB, ADS and PBS National Datacast, in addition to information service agreements with some two hundred Fortune 1,000 companies worldwide. Additional information on WavePhore is available via the Internet at Information on its business units can be found at:, and

About Intertainer
Intertainer, Inc. (, a leading provider of home entertainment services on-demand, is defining the convergence of entertainment and technology. Intertainer, with its strategic partners -- Comcast, U S WEST, Sony, Intel and NBC -- provides customers with a personal gateway to thousands of hours of diverse movies, music, TV, shopping and information programming to the PC or TV using high speed data lines over cable or telephone connections. The company's entertainment-on-demand, e-commerce applications and targeted advertising will be the first services enabled by the popular PersonalJava language on Scientific-Atlanta's Explorer® 2000 set-top box. Intertainer also has solid relationships with leading companies in the broadband space, including Veon, Concurrent Computer Corporation, Sun Microsystems, and Cisco Systems. Intertainer is a charter member of Cisco's "Built for Broadband" program.