Intertainer Becomes Latest Member of GI's Horizon Developers Program

CULVER CITY, CA and HORSHAM, PA -- (March 21, 1999) -- Intertainer Inc. and General Instrument Corporation (NYSE: GIC) today announced that the two companies will integrate Intertainer's entertainment-on-demand service to enable it on GI's industry leading interactive digital platform. Intertainer has become a member of GI's Horizon Digital Developers designed to foster creativity by creating compelling new revenue-generating services for the broadband market.

As an authorized software developer for GI's interactive digital set-top terminals, Intertainer will provide movies, music, television, information programming, interactive advertising and e-commerce to the cable industry. Intertainer will run on GI's DCT-5000+ digital terminals using PersonalJava technology over GI's advanced interactive Broadband network.

"The combined expertise of Intertainer and General Instrument will allow cable operators to increase revenues by offering value-added enhanced services," said Jonathan Taplin, Intertainer's co-founder and co-chief executive officer. "Enhanced digital systems with PersonalJava and other advanced features - such as GI's DCT-5000+ - make entertainment-on-demand more accessible for the cable industry by easing implementation and increasing profits."

"General Instrument is delighted to welcome Intertainer to the Horizon Developers Program," said Denton Kanouff, Marketing Vice-President for Digital Network Systems at GI. "Interactive, on-demand services like Intertainer are a strong force in the future of digital cable. We look forward to working together as Intertainer moves onto GI's interactive digital terminals."

The DCT-5000+, which will begin shipping mid-'99, is the most advanced interactive digital consumer platform available. It builds upon GI's existing interactive digital network providing a whole new level of broadband networking services while maintaining support for the traditional analog and digital video services. GI's DCT-5000+ utilizes a unique Triple-Tuner architecture to allow consumers to simultaneously watch video, surf the Internet and talk using IP telephony services over GI's advanced network. The DCT 5000+, along with currently deployed DCT 1000, DCT 1200 and DCT 2000 digital terminals are part of GI's agreement to provide over 15 million advanced digital set-top terminals over the next 3-5 years to nine leading cable system operators under the industry's Open Cable specifications.

About Intertainer
Intertainer, Inc. (, a leading provider of home entertainment services on-demand, is defining the convergence of entertainment and technology. Intertainer, with its strategic partners - Comcast, U S WEST, Sony, Intel and NBC - provides customers with a personal gateway to thousands of hours of diverse movies, music, TV, shopping and information programming to the PC or TV using high speed data lines over cable or telephone connections. Intertainer also has solid relationships with leading companies in the broadband space, including Veon, Concurrent Computer Corporation, Sun Microsystems, and Cisco Systems. Intertainer is a charter member of Cisco's "Built for Broadband" program.

About General Instrument Corporation
General Instrument Corporation (NYSE: GIC) is a leading worldwide provider of integrated and interactive broadband access solutions, teaming with its business partners to lead the convergence of the Internet, telecommunications and video entertainment industries.