CHICAGO, Ill. --(June 14, 1999) -- the world's first interactive broadband network providing a full spectrum of entertainment-on-demand services to both the cable and telco industries - today announced plans to work cooperatively with Microsoft Corp. to adapt the Intertainer service to run on the Microsoft TV Platform Adaptation Kit (Microsoft TVPAK).

Working with Microsoft on Microsoft TVPAK represents another cornerstone in Intertainer's commitment to multi-platform distribution, which provides network operators - and ultimately consumers - with delivery options.

"We are very pleased to work with Microsoft to port the Intertainer application to the Microsoft TVPAK software platform," said Jonathan Taplin, Intertainer's co-founder and co-chief executive officer. "Intertainer has aggressively pursued multiple delivery platforms throughout our development because this strategy arms our distribution partners to make the best business decisions for their networks."

"We're thrilled that Microsoft understands how broadband service providers and application developers like Intertainer will benefit from rich software tools like Microsoft TVPAK," said Steve Schein, vice president of business & product planning for Intertainer. "Microsoft TVPAK delivers a comprehensive development environment for the leading interactive TV platforms."

"Intertainer is a leading entertainment service in the broadband space. As such, their decision to develop for Microsoft TVPAK serves to validate it as a leading platform in the TV space," said Alan Yates, director of Platform Marketing, Microsoft Corp. "Intertainer, together with Microsoft TVPAK, will be providing network operators, and ultimately consumers, compelling entertainment services."

Announced today by Microsoft at the National Cable Television Association (NCTA) show in Chicago, Microsoft TVPAK is comprised of client software and server software which merge technologies of the Internet and television, to create new devices, services, and content to enhance the entertainment and usefulness of television for consumers. The client software, Microsoft TV, operates a range of TV-centric appliances--from Internet terminals to advanced set-top boxes to integrated televisions--while the server software, Microsoft TV Server, will be used by network operators to deploy and manage a rich, large-scale, enhanced TV service.

About Intertainer
Intertainer, Inc. (, a leading provider of home entertainment services on-demand, is defining the convergence of entertainment and technology. Intertainer, with its strategic partners - Comcast, US WEST, Sony, Intel and NBC - provides customers with a personal gateway to thousands of hours of diverse movies, music, TV, shopping and information programming to the PC or TV using high speed data lines over cable or telephone connections. The company's entertainment-on-demand, e-commerce applications and targeted advertising will be the first services enabled by the popular PersonalJava language on Scientific-Atlanta's Explorer® 2000 set-top box. Intertainer also has solid relationships with leading companies in the broadband space, including Veon, Concurrent Computer Corporation, Sun Microsystems, and Cisco systems. Intertainer is a charter member of Cisco's "Built for Broadband" program.