Microsoft portal to promo service


Video-on-demand service Intertainer has partnered with minority investor Microsoft to launch its subscription service, which bows today on high-speed broadband networks in the nation's top 35 markets.

Microsoft will serve as a promotional partner, featuring the service in the entertainment area of its MSN online portal.

Intertainer uses Microsoft's Windows Media Player to run the thousands of movies, TV shows, musicvideos and other programming it offers for playback on PCs and TVs linked to a PC.

Pay-per-view charges for new release movies through Intertainer are $3.99 for a 24-hour time period.

Future of entertainment

"Video-on-demand is the future of personal entertainment, offering viewers unprecedented convenience, choice and control," said Intertainer CEO Jonathan Taplin. "With the industry-leading quality of Windows Media and MSN's unparalleled reach, Intertainer is bringing America into that future with a pervasive, fun and easy-to-use entertainment service."

"Intertainer has put all the pieces together to make video-on-demand work at last for home viewers," said Will Poole, VP of the Windows Digital Media division at Microsoft. "Intertainer's outstanding library offers the kind of top-tier entertainment people have been waiting for, and the technology is here today to deliver a great viewing experience."