Intertainer to Launch Video-on-Demand

DAIWA, U.S. Telecommunications, June, 1998
What is Video-on-Demand?
You are home Saturday night and your eight-year-old wants to watch the latest Batman movie. Your car is in the shop and you can't go to the video store. Video on Demand means you can dial-up the movie at any time.

You are a securities analyst and you miss a company presentation because of a conflicting meeting. Video on Demand means you can order the presentation at any time.

You are a teenager and you can't go to London for a rock concert and you can't order the pay-per-view video because you have a date. Video on Demand means you can order the concert at any time.

You are a student and you are not feeling well and you miss an important class. You want to hear your professor's lecture but you were absent.

Video on Demand means you can order the lecture at any time. You enjoy history and you want to see President Kennedy's inaugural speech.

Video on Demand means you can order the replay of the speech at any time.

The potential applications of video on demand are virtually infinite.

Intertainer is the world's first interactive broadband service for on-demand delivery of entertainment programming to the personal computer or to television. The content is a cross-section of American pop culture, and includes thousands of hours of high quality video entertainment in over 20 categories, including music, movies, fashion, books, games, television, video-chat and shopping (E-commerce).

Internet users with multimedia-capable PCs can access Intertainer through US West's MegaBit service, a high speed ADSL (asymmetrical digital subscriber line) based broadband platform.

Intertainer was designed through collaborations with Intel, Sun Microsystems, Sony, Informix and Firefly Networks, Inc. (a technology venture associated with MIT).

The co-chairmen of Intertainer, Mr. Jonathan Taplin and Mr. Richard Baskin, have extensive experience in Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Mr. Taplin's work has included film production for which he has won Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. His television work has won three Emmys. Mr. Baskin's work has involved music composition for which he has won Grammy nominations. Intertainer's employees are a unique blend of technology and entertainment professionals. The technical team comes from technology leaders such as Sybase, Informix, Pacific Telesis Labs and Apple Computer.