Intertainer picks Arepa for software-on-demand feature for VOD product

Western Cable Show Daily Clips, December, 1999
ANAHEIM -- Intertainer Inc. will add a software-on-demand feature to its video-on-demand product, through an exclusive arrangement with Arepa Inc.

Described as a "strategic partnership," the Arepa/Intertainer deal calls for Arepa to be the sole provider of on-demand software to Intertainer for a minimum of five years. Jonathan Taplin, co-founder and co-CEO of Intertainer, said in a statement that the Arepa deal fits with Intertainer's vision to deliver all types of on-demand digital content.

Cisco forms 'Built for Broadband' content development program

ANAHEIM -- Intertainer Inc. and Arepa Inc. will be the first two broadband content providers to join Cisco Systems Inc.'s new "Built for Broadband" program, the companies announced yesterday. Cisco's reasoning is that more and more broadband content will rely on the core network, as well as on varying set-top operating system software pieces. Paul Bosco, general manager of Cisco's Broadband group, said that the new program is targeted at developers and on-line publishers, including those groups focused on Internet Protocol multicasting, quality-of-service support, directory enabled networks and network metering/billing.

Jonathon Taplin, founder of Intertainer, said that the program "will drive more efficent delivery and deployment of broadband content." Intertainer is developing video-on-demand applications based on IP.